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Liber. Electronic Library



Possibility of storage of books and documents in various formats (PDF, RTF, Microsoft® Word®, HTML, not formatted text, images, video etc.).

* description Possibility õðàíèìûõ documents by any quantity of fields

* Use þíèêîäà for complete support ìíîãîÿçû÷íîñòè (UTF-8)

* Ample opportunities of search:

* Text-through search in contents of electronic books and documents taking into account word forms [1]

* Search in fields of the description of electronic books and documents

* the Friendly web-interface for drawing up of search inquiries

* Possibility of use both simple, and difficult inquiries for the most exact search

* the Flexible control system of access to electronic books and documents

* Maintenance of the authorised access

* Possibility of creation of groups of users (for example, "readers", "employees", "managers") and investment with their various rights.

* Protection of books and documents against unapproved copying by readers.

* Possibility of display of references to results of search for fast access to the most popular books and documents

* Powerful tools of gathering and statistics display on use of electronic books and documents

* Possibility of discussion by readers of electronic books and documents in the built in forum.

* the Built in functions for automation of preparation of electronic documents: the organisation of interaction of the employees who are engaged in scanning, recognition, reading and definitive preparation of electronic documents.

* Close integration with the used software

* Possibilities of import of descriptions of documents from the automated information-library system that reduces time of input and the description of electronic books.

* Display in results of search on ÀÈÁÑ references to electronic versions of documents.

* Import of users from ÀÈÁÑ in system of electronic library excludes additional expenses for administration.

* Possibility of use of service LDAP of domain Windows for authentification of users

* Decrease in expenses for the software at the expense of use free ON with an open code (PHP, MySQL, Apache)

* the Modern friendly web-interface of system. The built in helps on work with system promote as much as possible fast development by readers and employees.

OS:  WinDOWS xp
Memory: 1Gb



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